HILSAV SAVUNMA manufactures main and spare parts of all diameter and model pistols and rifles for the aviation and defence industry sector in the field of machining.

Some of the part names we have produced are as follows;

Firing Needle

Flame Concealer

Deadbolt Lock

Gas Valve (Three Stage, Single Stage)

Barrel Ferrule

Barrel Lock Latch

Mechanism Head

Executive Spring Shaft Sleeve


Magazine Lock, Magazine Lock Susta

Steel Core

Gas Piston

Safety Latch, Safety Latch Shaft

Bumper Body, Bumper Cover

Fulfilment Spring Guide

Cleaning Rod (Harbi)

Piston Rod


Parts with a diameter size between 1 and 60mm are produced on single and multi-spindle CNC machines. (CNC Sliding Automaton, CNC Lathe, CNC Machining Centre)

Our customers determine the materials we will use in production. The materials we use in production;

Tool Steel

Breeding Steel

Manufacturing Steel

Semantation Steel

Stainless Steels

Vending Machine Steel


Brass, Bronze, Copper

Maraging Steel