About Us


Hilsav Defence is a company that always produces high quality products with its 30 years of experience in the field of machining and increases the variety of products it produces day by day and adopts the aim and principle of developing with technology.

Hilsav is a manufacturer company that produces main and spare parts of all diameter and model pistols and rifles for the defence, aviation and defence industry sector. Since its establishment, Hilsav has programmatically expanded its customer and product portfolio based on advanced technology and has been producing its own final products and main and spare parts of guns and rifles in line with the demands of its customers with modern machines, trained staff and 3D CMM measurement control systems.

Hilsav Defence, which has the principle of customer-oriented, high quality and precise measurements, has always prioritised customer satisfaction and has become one of the leading companies in the field of machining production with its long years of knowledge, experience and quality understanding. It has ISO 9001:2015, AS 9100 Quality management system certificates, Production Permit Certificate, Nato and National Facility security certificates.

Hilsav Defence, which adopts continuous improvement as a principle, will continue to serve the valuable companies of the national and international defence and aerospace industry without compromising on quality and working principles, constantly observing customer satisfaction.

Our Values

  • Reliability and Honesty
  • Customer Oriented Working
  • Stakeholder Orientation
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability


  • To ensure sustainable production by using our resources effectively and efficiently in line with the needs and expectations of our customers,
  • To produce products for end users with our superior experience and high technology,
  • To realise sustainable growth with smart production and innovative perspective.


In order to strengthen its position in the Turkish market and increase its share in the national market, to realise its own final product production and sales by taking its place in the national market, to become Turkey's reliable and respected institution.